Basic video course on painting macarons
Course of 9 lessons
From simple to complex
You will create your first exclusive set of designer macarons

To access the lessons you will need an email address in gmail.

After paying for the course I will give you access to the lessons – it is not limited! It doesn’t matter what city you’re from or what time zone you’re in!  You can watch the lessons at any time from anywhere in the world!
Focus on a lot of practice.
Suitable any white pasta (the main thing that the surface they had not lumpy, almond flour should be very fine grinding, it’s important!!!) and gel food dyes



  • Lesson 1

This is an introductory theoretical , but very important lesson that will become a base for you, as a multiplication table.

I will introduce you to the basics of spatial composition, shaping, color, chiaroscuro.

  • Lesson 2

We will try with you to apply the knowledge gained in the first lesson while on paper, for this you will need a sheet of watercolor paper.

  • Lesson 3

In this tutorial, we’ll draw your first Designer macaron – almond branch

  • Lesson 4

Let us examine in detail how to draw a Lilac

  • Lesson 5

Draw an Irises

  • Lesson 6

Draw an Anemon

  • Lesson 7

Draw a Peony

  • Lesson 8

Draw a Rose

  • Lesson 9

In this tutorial I will tell you how best to pack your works, how to take pictures, process photos. A bonus will tell you how to make a box for designer macarons